March 02, 2016


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Composting at Home

As a kid growing up in Seattle, I distinctly remember my mother assigning me the chore of emptying the kitchen compost collection into the large compost bin in our back yard. It was on the third level of a tiered yard, and I dreaded the walk all the way up the steps, the chills of revulsion as I lifted the lid and saw the writhing mass of worms breaking down the mulch. I would toss the compost into the bin as quickly as I could, completely grossed out by the idea of dirt and bugs and rot. Looking back, home composting has become one of the fondest memories I have. My mom, although very classy and sophisticated, has always been a hippy at heart. She was feeding our family quinoa and kale before it was cool! She was (and still is) an avid gardener, using the rich compost to nourish her beautiful rose garden, the lush vegetable garden and to enrich the soil around the fruit trees as well as the blueberry and raspberry bushes. To this day her garden thrives as a result of this surprisingly simple discipline. 

You too can make composting a part of your gardening routine by starting with our countertop compost bin. This sleek and stylish work of art for your kitchen is hand selected, handmade, and each piece is unique.

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Composting isn't just good for your garden, it's beneficial for the planet in general. It fortifies the soil which removes excess carbon from the environment and stores it in the ground, later becoming part of the trees and plants. It also keeps food out of landfills. Roughly 1/3 of waste that ends up in landfills is from food products. The decomposition of this waste releases methane gas into our environment. By doing your part to compost, you'll be keeping food waste out of these landfills and reducing these emissions.

Ready to get started? Here are a few helpful links to guide you through. Happy gardening!

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