Sweet + Spicy Crispy Rice, with Kabocha Squash and Kale

November 15, 2023

2 cups pre cooked (leftover) rice (white, jasmine or basmati are faves) 2 tsp red curry paste  2 tsp turmeric 1 tbsp olive oil  2 tsp fish sauce or vegan fish sauce (optional) Pinch of sea salt  This is the perfect dish for leftover rice. In fact, it's best with leftover rice! Mix all ingredients and spread thinly on a baking sheet. Bake on 350 for 25 minutes. Stir halfway.  1 head of kale, stems removed, chopped and lightly steamed (5 min) 1 small kabocha squash, seeded and cut into 1 in pieces . Sprinkle with a little sea salt and steam for about 10 minutes until soft enough to be pierced with a fork, but not mushy.  Honey Mustard Dressing//...

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Loaded Cauliflower Brains w/ Tahini & Romesco

October 31, 2023

1 medium head of cauliflower, leaves removed Sprinkle cauliflower with a little sea salt, and steam lightly for about 5 minutes, to tenderize. You want the texture to be slightly softened, but not mushy at all.  Preheat oven to 400. Sprinkle cauliflower with 2 tsp smoked paprika, 1 tsp turmeric and 1 tsp sea salt. Drizzle with olive oil.  Using a brush, or your hand - rub the spices, salt and olive oil onto the cauliflower Roast at 400 for about 25 minutes, until the tips are golden brown and it pierces easily with a fork.  Romesco Sauce// 1.5 cups almonds, soaked and rinsed  1 pint cherry tomatoes, roasted  2 large roasted red peppers 1 clove garlic  2 tsp smoked paprika ...

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