Wood Sourcing

WHAT WOODS DO YOU USE? Primarily we use North American White Oak and Ohio River Valley Black Walnut, but we will utilize any workable reclaimed wood we can get.

DO YOU USE RECLAIMED WOODS? On a case by case basis, yes. We have to be very careful about the chemicals that can potentially be present in reclaimed woods.

WHERE DOES YOUR WOOD COME FROM? Mostly from lumber mills in Kentucky and Ohio.

ARE YOUR PRODUCTS KILN DRIED OR AIR DRIED? We kiln dry all woods before construction begins. 

WHAT DOES ROUGH SAWN MEAN? It's as straight-forward as it sounds. Rough sawn refers to the fresh/initial cut from the log at the lumber mill.

WHAT SUBSTANCES DO YOU USE TO FINISH YOUR PRODUCT WITH? We use all-natural oils like beeswax, palm oil and mineral oil by themselves or in combination.