• Do you make custom furniture or other custom pieces? Yes! Please inquire within to discuss any custom projects.
  • Do you have a showroom where I can see your products? Yes! We are in and out from day to day, so please call or email ahead to set up a viewing time. We'd be happy to give you the tour.
  • How long will it take to get my order? Each piece is a one-of-a-kind, handmade creation. That being said, we do have a few items stocked at any given time, but most of our pieces are made to order and may take 2-3 weeks.
  • Do you refurbish heirloom boards or old boards? Yes, we'd be happy to talk to you about refinishing your board, or a board that has been handed down to you. 
  • How long should I expect before I hear back on an inquiry?  Within 24 hours
  • What are your policies for Returns/Exchanges? We stand behind our products 100%. If you have any questions or concerns about the state of your board, please reach out and contact us right away.
  • What carriers do you ship with? UPS and USPS
  • Do you ship internationally? Yes, but you will need to contact us directly to set up the order.


  • How do I clean my board? Thoroughly with soap and water. Dry completely.
  • How often should I condition/oil my board? Whenever it starts to look dry or "thirsty". More often in the beginning, then every couple of weeks after that.
  • Can I put my board in the dishwasher? NO! Absolutely not.
  • What oil can I use on my board? Food grade mineral oil. You can purchase this at most grocery stores.
  • What if cheese gets in an open knot? Pick it out with a toothpick, clean with soap and water, dry, then oil.
  • What do I do if my board smells like onions? Scrub it with some coarse salt and half of a lemon.


  • What species of wood do you carry? Primarily we use North American White Oak and Ohio River Valley Black Walnut, but we will utilize any workable reclaimed wood we can get our hands on.
  • Do you buy reclaimed wood products? On a case by case basis, yes. We have to be very careful about the chemicals that can potentially be present in reclaimed woods.
  • Where does your wood come from? Mostly from lumber mills in Kentucky and Ohio.
  • Are your products kiln dried or air dried? We kiln dry all woods before construction begins. 
  • What does rough sawn mean? It's as straight-forward as it sounds. Rough sawn refers to the fresh/initial cut from the log at the lumber mill.
  • What substances do you use to finish your product with? We use all-natural oils like beeswax, palm oil and mineral oil by themselves or in combination.