June 28, 2016


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When a Friend calls...


When our friend Jill Elmore (chef to Jennifer Anniston) texts to say she can't find any beautiful countertop paper towel holders anywhere, the challenge to make one was on! This would not be just any paper towel holder - it would be a beautiful combination of wood and brass that would stand proud on the counter.

Jen and Justin were setting up their New York place and requested ebonized oak and brass for the materials. The rest was up to us.

I walked around the shop and grabbed one of our muddlers, a trivet, some brass and a roll of paper towels - I need to hold things and visualize and touch them as I design. After playing around with some concepts in my head and sleeping on them for a night, this is what I came up with; a decadent piece that brings a sense of refinement to any kitchen. We now offer them on the site in walnut, ebonized oak or white oak, each finished with brass inlay.

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