Chefs Michael & Bryan Voltaggio x The Wooden Palate

Artful Knife Rest

You know the brothers from battling together on Top Chef, Bryan on the East Coast with multiple restaurants and Michael here in LA with us at his boundary pushing restaurant, Ink. Michael sought us out to make a unique centerpiece that was to hold a carving knife and fork. This artful piece was for their new Voltaggio Brothers Steakhouse. He gave us free reign. We knew he liked scorched wood and metal and they needed to be stable and washable.

After weeks of making and testing prototypes - a small bowl carved into the wood here, a little handed twisted metal there- Cut to our shou sugi ban (the ancient Japanese art of scorching wood) mini stumps with twisted blackened metal stems. Chefs loved them! The opening of the Voltaggio Brothers Steak House at the MGM was and continues to be a great success! We loved working with the chefs and the challenge. We hope to do many more of these.

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing one with carving set.

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