Wood Conditioner

Conditioner for all of your wood pieces. Not just your cutting boards! Use on bowls, plates, serving boards, salt cellars, rolling pins, tables, countertops...the list goes on and on. The Wooden Palate conditioner is a game changer, thicker and better than oil. it is made from a perfect blend of beeswax, palm leaf wax and food grade mineral oil. Just like using a quality conditioner on your hair or lotion on your skin, it's the same for your wood! And don't wait until it looks dry and cracked. We recommend that you apply our conditioner a lot in the beginning, every couple days for heavily used pieces then every other week to maintain the natural beauty of the wood. 

When you first use and wash some of your pieces they will feel a bit "fuzzy" you can sand them with a fine sand paper or scotch guard pad to bring the fuzz down, let it dry, then apply our conditoner. Leave on overnight, then buff off in morning with a paper towel.

Feel free to shoot us an email if you have questions on care of your wood. Or watch our video on how to clean and care for your boards.


Ingredients: beeswax, palm oil, food grade mineral oil

12 ounces


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